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Carolina Land & Lakes Overview

Mission Statement: Carolina Land and Lakes serves as a bridge between local communities, federal and state agencies and other stakeholders to preserve, protect and provide responsible stewardship and utilization of local environmental resources.

We create a collaborative environment to benefit seven North Carolina counties in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, by providing economic development and resource protection and utilization, while strategically strengthening the local community.

We work in three areas: community development, clean water, and renewable energy. Our initiatives are supported through education, advocacy and creating innovative programs.



What We Do

Creating Partnerships

CL&L helps interested parties articulate concerns, economic and resource impacts in our local communities. CL&L works with numerous organizations to find mutual solutions to water, land, soil and other resource issues that impact our community.


CL&L plays an important role in linking key stakeholders in the 7 county region around land and water conservation issues. We have been a strong advocate for the efficient use of our forests products and surrounding lands.

Water Quality

Having clean water and high water quality is important to our local economies and it serves an important measure for a safe environment and a thriving community in attracting new businesses, housing and recreation opportunities to our counties.


Our efforts to promote Bio Energy result in lower energy costs, a reduction of greenhouse gases, and utilization of local plant or organic resources that are generally ignored, wasted or left in the fields to decay.

Energy Efficiency

Carolina Land & Lakes assists local and small businesses and area agricultural enterprises in tackling the myriad of governmental energy efficiency programs available on a regional basis to reduce energy consumption or redirect it towards more cost effective and environmentally sound energy resources.

Stream Restoration

There's more to a stream than rushing or meandering water. A stream corridor, or stream valley, is a complex and valuable ecosystem which includes the land, plants, animals, and network of streams within it.

Dam Removal

The removal of unused dams rejuvenates rivers and streams. We work to facilitate the removal process and make waterways more productive and usable for recreation and wildlife growth.


CL&L is committed to the wise use of local resources by bringing interested parties together to understand both the short and long term impacts of land and water use policies and applications.

Latest News

02 MAR 2019

The "Good Fire in the Mountains" workshop was held to educate and engage members of the community surrounding Lake James State Park in Nebo, NC, about the use and importance of prescribed fire, and how to reduce wildfire risk. An afternoon prescribed burn demonstration was overseen and narrated by a park ranger, who ensured participant safety.


22 FEB 2018

Carolinas Land and Lakes worked with other partners to remove the damaged Shuford Mill Dam in the Brookford community of Catawba County. This video explains how proper dam removal can benefit a river, and the wildlife that depends upon its waters.


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